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Thank you so much for all you have done with George over the past 9 months!  He is the happiest we have ever seen, confident, eager to learn and expressing himself in ways we could hope for.

Oakfield gave George this fantastic start, so that you again.


Tessa & John B. - June 2019

Parents of a former pupils of Oakfield

Thank you to all at Oakfield for the advice given which was really useful and is already making a difference to the child's behaviour, work, self-esteem and general happiness at school. It was also useful to hear strategies for the other children discussed, which made us think about how to help other children we teach. 


 Mandy Unwin, Meadow Dale Primary School

June 2019

I'm so happy that Conner is enjoying school and wants to go.  He has been different at home as well; hardly any upsets and if one happens it doesn't last long.  He is more polite saying thank you and more understanding if an incident happens, always says sorry and empathetic,  I feel I have my Conner back.  Thank you.


Jane, parent of child at Oakfield

29 March 2019

My son has recently transitioned to an ASD unit following a traumatic year in mainstream.  He was struggling terribly and his mental health hit crisis point. The school knew that they did not have the expertise to help with his complex needs so turned to Oakfield for support and advice.  Fran Phipps visited the school on a number of occasions and helped with strategies to implement whilst us as parents applied for an EHCP.  Fran supported us as a family and the mainstream school through the whole process.  During the assessment process Oakfield also supplied information to the LA in support of the EHCP.


Our little boy is finally happy, content and accessing education in a suitable provision that meets all of his needs.


I would very much like to thank Fran and Oakfield for all their support.


Rachel, parent

March 2019

If the LA could increase your funding so that you had more capacity to support schools in this way (like it used to be when I was in the city) I would love it. If Oakfield had 'spare' staff to 'swoop in' and support schools trying to keep children in mainstream it would be ideal. We would then be able to build a relationship where I could call earlier and say I am worried we are we are not managing could I have more help. You would also then have more of an idea about our school and its particular issues and hopefully be thinking 'If I.J.S are ringing they have probably tried a few things already, but let's remind them about...'


Mr P. Lewin

Head teacher, Ibstock Junior School

March 2019

Faye and Caroline were wonderful today. They also seemed to enjoy themselves a lot. I think it was Conner's best day ever!  We have some things in place for tomorrow and Faye spoke to many staff about the approach we should take. They have suggested some good improvements we we shall adopt. He does love adult company and attention, so today was ideal for him, particularly after Monday's incident. It would be good to speak tomorrow to see what you think we do in the medium term. It was great to see your staff weave their magic.


Mr P. Lewin, Head teacher

Ibstock Junior School

March 2019

Thank you so much for letting me visit your lovely school earlier.

Your passion for the children, your staff and your values shone brightly. It was truly inspirational, and so heart-warming to see such a nurturing and caring environment for the children to be successful in. I was incredibly impressed with the behaviour and levels of engagement in learning that we came across throughout the school, something which mainstream schools would love to emulate. Indeed, no behaviours, from any of the children we saw would stand out in a mainstream setting, other than that they were inquisitive and focused learners, clearly enjoying school.

As I said, I would love to arrange for some of our staff to visit yourselves in the future, something I feel would be invaluable to them as they progress in their teaching careers.


Mr G Williams, Chief Operating Officer, LiFE Multi Academy Trust

January 2019

Lucy has worked with us during Autumn term and has been a great source of knowledge. She has worked effectively with all staff and children and has shown us many strategies for dealing with children with behavioural difficulties. I can’t thank Lucy enough for her hard work and commitment whilst with us.


Mariesa has worked with us during Autumn term and has been a great source of knowledge. She was the first person from Oakfield to come and work with us and she came with a wealth of knowledge and skills that she shared and taught to us all. She has a very professional attitude and this works very well with the children she works with. Mariesa has been a real asset and I can’t thank her enough for all of her hard work and support.

It would be great to have more of our staff Team Teach trained.  Knowing that we can contact you is help enough.


Desford Community Primary School, (School 2 School Support provided by Oakfield)

January 2019