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Oakfield Short Stay SchoolLearn, believe, enjoy and achieve


Oakfield Short Stay School educates up to thirty children, ranging in ages from five to eleven. Following a phased, individualised induction, children are welcomed into one of three classes; Pine, Beech and Maple. Our classrooms are bright, stimulating environments and the work of our children is proudly displayed. We have various outdoor areas that enhance structured play and learning outside the classroom. There is also an outdoor area where we hold Forest School sessions for all pupils on a Tuesday afternoon.


All classes follow a morning curriculum which includes reading, handwriting, literacy, mathematics and where appropriate phonics. Focused phonics, numeracy and Theraplay interventions are also delivered to individual and small groups of pupils.


Previously Oakfield’s pupils have enjoyed basket workshops from either Karl Brown (ex-England captain) or Tyler Bernadini (captain of the Leicester Riders).



All classes have access to and frequently use additional areas within school where learning can take place. Elm is designed for smaller intervention groups. They are calm spaces where children can access role play, sensory equipment and interactive technology

The National Curriculum


Oakfield Short Stay School provides tasks and activities which are differentiated to meet the needs of all pupils. We provide a multi disciplinary approach, that uses the schools resources efficiently. Pupils are taught in small classes, with a high staff : pupil ratio, with bespoke individual timetables.

Oakfield's Curriculum Offer

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British Values

Children are encouraged the explore and discuss the meaning of being British. At Oakfield Short Stay School specific opportunities focus on and develops in the pupils, through their own inquiry, an understanding of what it means to be ‘British’. For example, during the breakfast session where news and topical events are discussed.


The focus of inquiry with pupils and through peer group interaction encouraging learners to:


• describe their own identities and the groups that they feel they belong to;

• recognise different identities and experiences;

• appreciate that identity consists of many factors;

• recognise that each person’s identity is unique and can change; and

• begin to understand the idea of stereotypes.

Anti Bullying

Oakfield Short Stay School is a place where all pupils are included and it is essential to all pupils and staff that everybody has the right to complete freedom and security in which to develop their full potential. Bullying is a denial of this basic right and will not be tolerated under any circumstance. We regard bullying as particularly serious and always take firm action against it. We encourage pupils to work against it and to report any incidents of bullying to an adult immediately.