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The Momo Challenge has recently hit the UK – although it is mainly through WhatsApp the originators are now placing videos and adverts on YouTube and other children “friendly” sites. Basically the originators are hackers ultimately attempting to retrieve personal information but the content, which is similar to the Blue Whale Game has serious repercussions.


The challenge begins with an unseen controller sending violent images to children over WhatsApp, before encouraging them to join in an online game where they are threatened if they choose not to take part in the “challenges”. There are claims some of the threats include children being “killed in their sleep”, and users are told to harm themselves and even kill themselves.


Challenges appear midway through Kids YouTube, Fortnight, Peppa pig to avoid detection by adults.“Please be vigilant with your child using IT, images are very disturbing.” The Momo Challenge is accompanied by a grotesque image of a girl with bulging eyes and a twisted smile, which is starting to pop-up in the middle of harmless, children-orientated YouTube programmes.”


As the majority of schools have YouTube blocked for students and pupils they are unlikely to see any direct video links.  An online search for the Momo Challenge will bring up lots of links that are mainly newspaper articles and obviously these sites cannot be blocked - as yet, we have not discovered a website that has direct Momo Challenge content.  If parents or carers find any then please could you let us know as soon as possible.


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