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Beech class is now Birch class.


Last Half Term in Birch we immersed ourselves in the festival of light, Diwali. We have enjoyed listening to the traditional Hindu and Sikh tales that are a key part of the Diwali celebration. We had a great time trying out some traditional Hindu dress and some of our children felt right at home in their colourful and extravagant clothing. Following a fascinating week of Diwali, we have been taking a closer look at Space and our Solar System, where we have been learning about the 8 Planets in our Solar System. We have been exploring the sheer scale of our Solar System by using scale demonstrations to represent the size of the 8 Planets and also their distance from the Sun! Up next, we are going to be learning about NASA’s amazing Space Shuttle and will be having a go at designing and building our very own version of the Space Shuttle. We then plan to launch them to the skies and see how successful they are!


The pupils are all doing 'Read, Write, inc. or Fresh Start. This includes phonics, handwriting, reading and writing.


In maths, pupils will be working using 'White Rose' and Abacus resources.


During the autumn term all of our pupils studied a brilliant unit on superheroes, the next unit of work was Richard III to Henry VIII.


During the spring term pupils will be starting with a week's unit on 'Animal Science' (including a trip to Desford's Tropical Birdland). This will lead into three weeks of 'Gory Greek Myths', then Chinese New Year and Science Week.